Narrative Drawing Intervention Institute (formerly Hong Kong Institute for Counselling Professionals) was established in 2012. The Institute has the aim of promoting high quality psychotherapeutic services to people in need, through the development of professional, practical and systematic clinical intervention and counselling skills training to helping professionals in China, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

With the rapid increase in mental health problems in the urban population, effective psychological education and intervention work becomes our first priority. The Narrative Drawing Intervention team led by Dr. Monica Wong has trained more than ten thousand professionals in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China over the last decade. The Institute strives to continue with academic research, trainers’ trainings, therapist trainings, group & individual therapy services, product development, book publishing and other projects in the coming years. With this plan in our vision, the institute will continue to focus on the development of Narrative Drawing Intervention, an effective clinical psychological model, in response to the significant demand for mental health services in the society.

Narrative Drawing Intervention (NDI) is a new clinical psychological model that combines art therapy and narrative intervention skills, which draws on the research and teaching experiences of Dr. Monica Wong cultivated over the last decade. NDI focuses on drawing on the narratives of the stories behind the drawings created by clients, which aims to bring the subconscious into conscious, and separates the people and their problems. Just as the famous saying of Michael White, the founder of Narrative Therapy: “The person is not the problem. The problem is the problem.” When clients are able to externalize their problems, helping professionals can then walk hand-in-hand with them to enable self-understanding, self-acceptance and bringing their potential to the fullest. This ultimately leads to the rediscovering of inner strength, outer resources and hopes for the individual.

In the past two years, Dr. Monica Wong has conducted over one hundred systematic trainings, workshops and seminars around the world, and is committed to spread the spirit of NDI to more and more helping professionals in the world. Our long-term vision is to establish helping professional support teams in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Asia Pacific region. Through the concept of ‘train the trainers’, we would like to keep passing the torch, and to fulfill our mission of ‘sharing love, transforming lives’.