Founded in 2012, the Hong Kong Institute for Counselling Professionals has the aim of promoting professional psychology and counselling training to practitioners in the fields of social work, education and psychiatric health working in Hong Kong as well as other parts of Asia. We endeavour to provide tools through our training courses for professionals to help people in need by providing high quality psychotherapeutic services.

Our long-term vision is to create a community of professional counsellors and psychiatrists in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other parts of Asia to enable the sharing of professional experience and communication between practitioners. We aim to improve the quality of psychotherapeutic services throughout Asia and help in researches on various methods of therapy. To reach this goal, we have in the past years, held two international conferences on Art Therapy in Asia (2013 & 2016) and have invited world renowned psychotherapists, psychologists, and professional coaches to Hong Kong to teach professional certificate courses and workshops in order to raise awareness of the Asian community of the importance of a healthy mind, and also to widen the professional psychological knowledge of practitioners in Hong Kong and Asia. In addition, by forming a community of professional counsellors, we hope to create teams of passionate individuals who would visit the victims of natural and human disasters to aid in the rebuilding of communities in Asia.

We are looking to cooperate with more universities and institutions to deliver a wider and more diverse range of courses involving different methods of psychotherapy, in order to provide professional counsellors with more effective tools to the delivery of high quality psychotherapy services.