Narrative Drawing Intervention (NDI)

What is NDI?

Narrative Drawing Intervention (NDI) is a brand new clinical psychotherapeutic model that combines two effective psychotherapeutic interventions – Narrative Intervention and Art Therapy. This model is developed by Clinical Psychologist, Certified Trauma Specialist and Registered Art Therapist, Dr. Monica Wong, through a decade of clinical practice and intensive research.

Where are NDI used?

The broad application of NDI includes: trauma relief, improvement of psychological wellbeing, facilitation of emotional self-regulation, strengthening of interpersonal relationships, personal growth, prevention of psychological turbulences and enhancement of mental health.

Empirical Evidence of the Efficacy of NDI

The clinical model of NDI was experimented by a group of helping professionals in Hong Kong, which includes psychologists, social workers and counselors, who applied techniques of NDI on their clients. 94% of study subjects agreed that the use of NDI assisted them in achieving satisfying psychotherapeutic progress during the conduction of clinical psychological intervention. The popularity of the use of NDI in counseling and therapy continues to grow, not only in Hong Kong and China (Beijing, Chengdu, Xian, Shenzhen, Guiyang etc.), but also around the world (US, Australia, Mexico, Singapore etc.).

Brief Rationale Behind

NDI focuses intensively on the interpretations of client’s drawings and the implications they have on their subconscious self. Through narratives of the story behind their drawings, intrinsic meaning of ‘subconscious symbols’ can be externalized to a conscious level, which grants helping professionals the opportunity to observe and understand the inner self of clients. As such, we aim to draw out inner strengths and core values of clients, explore their external resources and support systems and ultimately to increase self-acceptance and resilience, in order to replace unconscious defense mechanism with positive conscious coping strategies, where self-confidence and hopes of the clients can be harvested.


NDI course information (pdf file)

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