Introduction to Practicum Course on Narrative Drawing Intervention

Level 2: Practicum Course on Narrative Drawing Intervention

Style of Learning

Experiential learning, live demonstration, participant case presentation and analysis

Workshop Objectives

After attending Foundation Course on NDI, participants would have gained foundational knowledge about the use of NDI on different populations, brief understanding of symbols in drawings and basic counselling techniques with the use of NDI. This advanced workshop focuses on practicum experiences – the techniques of establishing rapport with clients, how to initiate therapeutic relationships and conduct therapeutic conversations. Participants will be provided with the chance to conduct counselling sessions with real clients, trainer will then provide feedback and critique on each participant’s recorded sessions. This enriched learning experience will guarantee an exponential learning curve in the application of NDI on different client groups.

Workshop Content at a Glance

  1. Adopting opened, macro and professional attitude toward case presentations and analysis
    (each participant is required to take part in two case reports, for practicum purposes)
  2. Live demonstration and elaborations of NDI by trainer, allowing participants to gain clear understanding of the essence of NDI and its applications
  3. Focusing on clients of different age groups, applying verbal and nonverbal skills in a flexible manner, in order to fulfil therapeutic outcomes
  4. Analysing the importance of narratives and how it can be applied to make sense of the underlying issues of the client, hence to explicitly address them
  5. Gaining an in-depth understanding in the application of different drawing themes in depth
  6. Consolidating techniques and guidelines in analysing drawings

Workshop Details

Workshop Duration: 3 Days and 1 Night (23 hours)

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English (Depending on the audience)

Target: Participants who have successfully completed Foundation Course on Narrative Drawing Intervention OR Foundation Course on Projective Drawing – who aim to gain further knowledge on the application of NDI in their field work

Workshop Structure

Pre-class 2-hour Lecture
  • Rationale behind the use of NDI
  • Trainer case sharing
  • Concepts of subconscious and conscious
  • Factors that makes up successful therapeutic journeys
  • Live case demonstration
Day 1 AM
  • Drawing & psychoanalysis
  • Understanding of psychological trauma
  • NDI therapeutic goals and process
Day 1 PM
  • Case drawing presentations / Counselling triads
Day 2 & 3
  • Video-tapped case presentations
  • Participant and trainer feedback
  • Establishment of therapeutic relationship
  • Positioning & qualities of a NDI therapist
  • Effective integration of drawings & narratives
  • Tips on effective therapeutic conversations

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