Supervision Course on Narrative Drawing Intervention (SNDI)

Level 3: Supervision Course on Narrative Drawing Intervention

Style of Learning

Experiential learning, detailed participant case presentation and analysis

Workshop Objectives

This course is a continuation of the foundation and practicum training on Narrative Drawing Intervention. It aims to develop more profound and broader practice competence in counselling professionals who are interested in using Narrative Drawing Intervention in conducting counselling and therapeutic groups. This workshop provides participants with detailed feedback on the effective and tactful use of NDI on different client groups. By the end of the program, participants will be able to confidently utilise NDI in clinical practice.

Workshop Content at a Glance

  1. Each participant is required to prepare 2 sets of 30-minute video case recordings, with the purpose of using NDI on psychotherapy.
  2. Each participant is required to report on the situation of the client, this includes his/her basic information, focus on the therapeutic process, as well as individual reflections on therapeutic outcomes and problems encountered during the therapeutic process.
  3. Trainer will provide feedback and supervision on participant’s understanding of concepts and therapeutic techniques in conducting therapy using NDI.
  4. Through sharing of a wide range of experiences and insights accumulated over a decade, trainer will provide participants with comprehensive supervision.
  5. Explore in depth the attitude that a NDI therapist should take in order to achieve professionalism, ethicality, competency, maturity and sensitiveness in conducting psychotherapy.

Workshop Details

Workshop Duration: 6 Days (42 hours)

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English (Depending on the audience)

Target: Participants who have successfully completed Practicum Course on Narrative Drawing Intervention OR Practicum Course on Projective Drawing – who are passionate about applying Narrative Drawing Intervention in professional counselling and conducting of therapeutic groups.

Workshop Structure

Day 1 to 3
  • First case video & powerpoint presentation
  • Supervision & feedback
Day 4 to 6
  • Second case video & powerpoint presentation
  • Supervision & feedback