Introduction to The Use of Story-telling on Counselling and Conducting Therapeutic Groups

How can story-telling lead you into experiences which you have never encountered before? How can story-telling help you discover a new self? How can story-telling make you feel at most ease when shar-ing your feelings and emotions with the therapeutic group? How the ending of a story can bring you unexpected sensations and strengths? You will find the answers to all these questions in the workshop.

The workshop covers the discovery of the subconscious, skills of story-telling and the use of metaphors in a variety of therapeutic set-tings. The all-embracing feature of story-telling makes it a perfect com-panion with other methods of psychological interventions such as pro-jective drawing, play, art, music, and drama therapies as well as solu-tion focused, hypnotic and cognitive-behavioral approaches.

In the workshop, through live demonstrations by the trainer and group discussions, participants will not only apprehend the power of story-telling in effective communication and psychotherapy, but will also witness the magical moment of realization of the subconscious through the story-telling of live demonstrators. Besides, participants will also learn that story-telling embraces many important characteristics.


1. The magic of metaphor

2. Guidance for effective story-telling

3. How stories heal?

4. A journey with an animal

5. Animal kingdom

6. My story 1: family of origin

7. My story 2: the hero’s journey

8. A journey into your inner world

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